Technological Innovation:
our Guideline to the Future

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedication to constant research in innovation and digitalization defines who we are and the quality of services we provide.


Our Commitment
to Innovation at the Forefront

We are guided by a passion for technological innovation. Every day, our team commits to exploring new digital horizons, embracing the latest technologies, and creating cutting-edge solutions that anticipate market needs.

in Digitalization

We take pride in being pioneers in the digitalization of our industry. Since our foundation, we have embraced the challenges of digital transformation, adopting advanced technological solutions that enhance operational efficiency, optimize processes, and provide a distinctive competitive advantage.

Continuous Investment
in Research and Development

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our ongoing investment in research and development. We collaborate with brilliant minds and leading technological partners to anticipate market trends and develop cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations.


We recognize that every challenge requires a unique approach. Our technological solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and a tangible impact on results.

Our Vision
for the Future

We look to the future with an innovative perspective. We will continue to push the limits of technology, embrace digital evolution, and develop cutting-edge solutions that allow us to lead and define the future of our industry.

In Lighthouse, we don’t just adopt technology; we shape it to create new possibilities. We are ready to transform the future, one innovation at a time

Our Tech & Digital

A2A “Application to Application” enables real-time automation of information enrichment. The system interfaces with external databases, both public and private, acquiring data and information on each individual counterpart. Additionally, it facilitates exchanges and information flows with the client.

Workflow Creator allows for the profiling of specific processes and operational iterations.

IUS Rating is the proprietary system developed by LH, based on an algorithm designed to assess the quality and recoverability of each position.

IUS Judicialis the exclusive system developed by LH, enabling our management platform to interact in real-time 24/7/365 with the Justice Portal PCT. This allows for complete automation in the filing, extraction, consultation, and updating of data and information within the judicial recovery process.

The ULISSE Debt Solution platform is web-based, allowing for complete functionality in “out-of-office” mode

A versatile and flexible reporting system monitors and governs all operational processes, performance, trends, and KPIs. The management system allows for the easy preparation of reports to meet a variety of internal and client needs.

In collaboration with technical partners, we have initiated projects and solutions involving the application of Artificial Intelligence aimed at exponentially automating and streamlining certain phases of the workflow.