Our areas of
expertise and services

We assist financial institutions and businesses in all aspects of credit management processes with a tailor-made approach.


Banking & Finance

Debt Collection Judicial & Amicable

We support Banks, Financial Companies, Leasing Companies, Investors, Debt Buyers, and Servicers in various stages of proactive management of NPL (Non-Performing Loans) and UTP (Unlikely to Pay) portfolios. We operate on single-name positions or complex portfolios, both Unsecured and Secured, intervening in the management and recovery processes for Retail, SMEs, and Corporate clients. We apply dedicated teams and workflows to different types.


Scouting of opportunities for debt buyers & sellers Benefiting from a consolidated network of relationships with originators and debt buyers, we can assist our clients in the search for portfolio purchase opportunities in both the primary and secondary markets.

We conduct careful and thorough assessments of portfolios, allowing us to present reliable and realistic business plans to the client through sophisticated analyses of counterparts, documentation, and guarantees. We develop collection curves & costs to support decision-making in pricing phases

A service aimed at completing the informational and documentary set of individual credit positions through the retrieval of documents, information, and data both online and offline. Essential for the enhancement and management of credit portfolios and indispensable for the efficiency of legal workflows.

We support SME entrepreneurs facing financial stress typically due to excessive indebtedness. We intervene in collaboration with business professionals, providing specific support for the banking and financial debt part. A comprehensive and proactive consultation in managing relationships with creditors and in identifying and choosing potential investors interested in participating in the debt restructuring operation.

B2B e B2C

Recupero Crediti stragiudiziale e giudiziale Italia

Servizi dedicati a imprese commerciali, industriali e di servizi con clientela sia business che consumer. Operando sia nelle fasi stragiudiziali che giudiziali adeguiamo i processi alle diverse situazioni e caratteristiche dei crediti e delle controparti.

Procedure concorsuali

Assistiamo altresì la clientela nelle procedure di ammissione al passivo e nella eventuale fase di opposizione allo stato passivo, oltreché nelle vertenze di opposizione alle sentenze dichiarative di fallimento e di revocatorie fallimentari.

Recupero Crediti stragiudiziale e giudiziale Estero

Un’esperienza ultradecennale nell’ambito del recupero crediti internazionale ci consente di gestire con elevati standard qualitativi attività di recupero, stragiudiziale e giudiziale, attraverso una rete consolidata di partner (debt collection agencies e law firm).

Crediti Energy Utility & Telcom

Condividiamo le nostre competenze con Operatori dei servizi di telefonia e fornitori di utility, come l’energia elettrica e il gas, offrendo anche in questo caso servizi di recupero crediti per portafogli small o large ticket.

Legal Disputes

Thanks to the significant experience gained, Lighthouse ensures precise assistance in legal disputes arising from credit recovery activities.

With a particular focus on Banking and Financial disputes, we offer comprehensive support through a well-established partnership with technical consultants in the industry. Through a network of professionals, we are present at all Italian courts.