About us

Professionalism, competence and ethics


Lighthouse is born from the integration of experiences and expertise acquired by the founding partners in various professional areas of credit management.

The ability to operate alongside prestigious entities in the international Credit Industry has allowed the Studio’s partners to create a legal servicing platform strongly based on the combination of “continuous innovation,” “craftsmanship,” and “culture” – essential drivers for successfully responding to the constant demands of a market, such as today’s distressed credit market, which is continuously evolving.

About our Team
Founder & Board Member

A team of managers and professionals

Stefania Federici

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Roberto Sergio

Chief Executive Officer

Raffaele Zurlo

Executive Board Member

Andrea Ornati

Executive Board Member

We look to the future with enthusiasm, but we keep
Always with solid roots in our territory

Our Values

In our reality, core values guide every aspect of our operations.

We want to be more than a company of professionals and managers, we aspire to be a trusted partner for our customers. We are committed day after day to trying to root these values in our company and in all the resources that make it up.

We are committed to conducting our business with the utmost ethical respect. Every action is permeated by integrity, transparency and social responsibility. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our industry.


We always recognize that behind every debt collection activity there are people with unique stories. We are committed to treating every situation with empathy and respect, seeking solutions that respect the dignity of all parties involved.

We embrace every challenge as an opportunity to innovate. Our approach is resolution-oriented, focused on creating tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and exceed expectations.

Abbracciamo ogni sfida come un’opportunità per innovare. Il nostro approccio è orientato alla risoluzione, focalizzato sulla creazione di soluzioni su misura per soddisfare le esigenze specifiche dei nostri clienti e superare le aspettative.

We are stronger together. We actively collaborate with our customers and partners to drive positive change. We believe that through collaboration we can create lasting and constructive impact. We are proud of our values, as they reflect who we are and the mission we pursue. With our ethical commitment, passion for excellence and proactivity, we strive to be a beacon of positive innovation in the credit management industry.